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Regal Vise

Learn More About Fly Tying Vises From Regal Engineering

When it comes to a fly fisherman's arsenal, one of the most important pieces of equipment they can have is often left on a desk at home. Their fly tying vise. When you choose a Regal Engineering fly tying vise, you know you're getting a well-designed, durable vise that will be with you for years to come. Based in Orange, Massachusetts, the team at Regal Engineering are tying enthusiasts just like you, so they know exactly what is needed when spending long hours behind the vise. Regal offers high-quality vise heads, bases, and accessories, made from only top-of-the-line materials so everything is built to last. No matter if you are tying tiny midges for selective trout, or big articulated streamers for large predatory fish, Regal has a vise for any fly tying situation. Learn more about Regal Engineering's tie flying vises and their commitment to innovation below.

Versatility & Elegance: The Revolution Series from Regal Engineering

For the best in fly tying vise functionality and precision, Regal Engineering offers the Revolution series. With the ultimate in hook-holding power and true in-line rotary function, you will be able to control the vise and tie a multitude of flies with ease. The entire Revolution series is available in a wide range of vise heads, bases, and colors so you can be free to express yourself and enhance your tying experience. All vises in this series revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 200° vertically, giving you complete control of both the fly and materials. Let the Revolution series of fly tying vises from Regal make your time behind the vise more enjoyable.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Regal Engineering is committed to making sure you have everything you need to meet your fly tying needs. They offer a wide array of accessories to help you become the most creative fly tyer you can be. Regal is always looking for ways to add innovation to their product line so you have a multitude of ways to express your individuality. Their list of quality accessories include:

  • Toolbars
  • Clips
  • Clamps
  • Stems
  • Bases

Using Regal Engineering accessories allows you to customize your style, including your choice of vivid base colors such as Hot Rod Red, Ultra Violet, or Cool Lime. Whether you're looking for a bobbin holder, an extra clip, or different stem, you can count on Regal Engineering.