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The Norvise Fly Tying System

The process of tying your own flies is almost sacred among many fishing enthusiasts. It's a time when concentration, serenity, and purpose all align around the workbench where you craft the perfect fly. It's an experience that many anglers hold dear, and it's also one of those things where the right gear makes all the difference. The fly tying vise is the centerpiece of the hobby, and one that is poorly designed or made out of cheap parts and materials can derail the entire operation. That's why you should trust Norvise. Expert engineering, innovative design, and high-quality machining ensure one of the best fly tying vises you'll ever get your hands on. Stop struggling with the other ones, and use Norvise to start tying the best flies of your life.

Norvise Fly Tying Vises

When the first Norvise fly tying vise was developed, it was important that it stand out from competition. Unlike most rotary vises, the Norvise products don't simply rotate the hook's position -- it spins the hook itself. This allows for a lathe type of function for better thread tension, control, and placement then you'll get with other vises. The Norvise Standard Vise comes with straight jaws, brass hardware, and everything you'll need for quick and easy set-up. The Norvise Legacy Vise is everything the Standard Vise is, but with the brass hardware swapped for 303 Stainless steel. And, there are different color options for the Legacy Vise in the Legacy C category..

We're a Fishing Family Business

Norvise is owned and operated by father/son duo: Tim and Tyler O'neill. Tim has been fly fishing for over 30 years, after starting at the tender age of 10. Since then, he's worked in almost every level of the fly fishing world -- from retail sales to seminar teaching. Tim is also a machinist and manufactures parts for the Norvise inventory. Tyler, his son, has been fishing since he was 8 years old, and helps his father with all aspects of the business. Norvise was started by research engineer Norm Norlander, who developed the innovative Norvise design. Send an email or call today if you have any questions.