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Wolff Indiana

Wolff Indiana Vises: The Atlas & The Apex

Wolf Indiana is proud of their fly tying vises: the Atlas and the Apex. Both models are among the industry leaders for quality and performance. Both feature replaceable jaws, 4 locations to place the extended finger-pins, and interchangeable c-clamp and pedestal bases. With the ability to fit hook sizes from 7/0 to 32, these vises are perfect for beginner and expert fly tiers alike. Whether you need an in-line rotary vise or a full-rotary vise, Wolff Indiana will get you up and running- and tying- before you know it. Explore the Atlas and the Apex today.

About Wolff Indiana

Wolff Indiana is an extension of Wolff Industries, one of the world's largest cutlery and sharpening tool manufacturers in the world. Wolff Indiana is also proud to be a member of the Vogel Brothers Corporation. With their factory located in Columbus, Indiana, you can count on the highest quality from everything that rolls off their assembly line. This American-made quality has been so popular that Wolff Indiana recently opened a second mill to meet the demand for their fly tying vises as well as their other products. Anything you get from Wolff Industries is sure to serve you well on the water and off.