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HMH Vises

HMH Vises: Exceptional Fly Tying Vises and Tools

Modern fly tying has been around since 1676. In the more than 340 years since then, there have been many innovations that have made fly tying faster, easier, and more enjoyable. For the past 47 years, HMH Vises has been raising the bar of excellence with our line of fly tying vises and tools. With 9 models and several accessories to choose from, you're sure to find just what you're looking for. Whether you tie flies as a hobby or professionally, you can trust HMH Vises to deliver the products that make tying flies a pleasure.

HMH Vises - Making The Finest Fly Tying Vises, Tools, and Materials, Since 1975

At HMH Vises, we've been engineering and manufacturing some of the finest fly tying vises since 1975. Our mission is to create fly tying vises and tools that exceed the expectations of every fly tying enthusiast and professional. We're not satisfied to simply research what we think will work. We use all of our products ourselves; tying flies for different species ranging from on the coast ts and in the forests of Maine, to and deep in the forests of Canada. Our principal owner Jon Larrabee has over 35 years of experience in the outdoors, and he is committed to the excellence of all the products of HMH Vises.