Standard Vise

$338.75 – $595.00

The Standard Vise by HMH Vises is a great vise at a great price. Don’t let the name fool you; this vise is anything but average. It’s made from precision tooled stainless steel and brass, individually assembled by hand, and tuned for flawless performance. You can choose a black or bronze base, to be able to set the vise anywhere. Or, if you prefer to clamp the Standard Vise to the edge of your work table, you can choose a C-clamp. As with most of our other vises, the back of the head sports an ergonomic cam lever to adjust the longitudinal rotation of the head. The head includes our removable double doughnut material spring, to hold the materials you need right next to the jaws, so you don’t need to move your attention away from the fly while you’re tying. Like the Spartan, CX CrossOver, and ST Vises, the Standard Vise features removable jaws, which allow you to choose from any of our three sizes: Micro, Omni, and Magnum. This ability for customization makes these vices the most versatile of fly tying vises on the market. The Standard Vise by HMH Vises is a great choice for any fly tyer.

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