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PEAK Fishing

Fly Tying Vises from PEAK Fishing

The fly tying vise is an essential piece of equipment for many fly fisherman, and PEAK Fishing is dedicated to producing well-engineered, high-value vises that everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy. The feeling of having your homemade fly successfully bait a fish is a feeling of triumph and awe, and a large part of that success is the quality of the fly tying. With their experience in engineering and manufacturing combined with the expertise of expert local fly fishing enthusiasts, PEAK has put together a selection of vises that meet every fly fishman's needs.

Whether you need a rotary or a tube vise, PEAK Fishing makes vises for beginners and experts alike. Explore each available vise and find the one that meets your needs best. PEAK Fishing strives to get you fishing as soon as possible, so their vises are set up for simplicity and efficiency. Get your new fly tying vise today.

PEAK Fishing

PEAK Fishing is an extension of PEAK Engineering and Automation, which was originally a custom engineering and manufacturing company. The PEAK A&E headquarters were opened in 1994 and moved to Loveland, CO in 1997.

PEAK Fishing came about when PEAK A&E founder and president Allen Schultz ventured that high-quality, well engineered fly-tying vises could be made and sold at a much better price point than what was available at the time. In addition to his engineering abilities, Shultz is also a longtime hunter and fisherman. Between his own experience and the expertise of other Colorado fly tiers, PEAK eventually produced their first durable, affordable, and functional vise- and they haven't looked back since.