The Affordable PEAK PNRV: Non-Rotary Vise

When you’re in the market for an affordable and effective fly tying vise, then the PEAK PNRV: Non-Rotary Vise is right up your alley.
The PNRV is a great non-rotary option for everyone from those just starting out with fly tying to anyone looking to have a spare or extra vise in their work space.
The base of the PNRV is lighter and smaller compared to the Rotary Vise, which makes it great for travel.
The base of the PNRV includes an additional hole for an accessory shaft and it still works with all other PEAK accessory products, except the material clip.
Durable, lightweight, and affordable, the PEAK Non-Rotary Vise is a great addition to any fly tying station.

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