TRV Vise

$490.00 – $755.00

The TRV Vise by HMH Vises is a high quality vise that will make fly tying easier, faster, and more enjoyable.The hammertone powder-coated cast iron base is unique to the TRV, and is heavy enough to keep the vise still while you’re tying your fly. As with many of our other models, if you prefer to clamp your vise to the edge of the table, the optional hammertone C-clamp will allow you to adjust the head to whatever height is perfect for you.The True Rotary Action allows the head to spin on its longitudinal axis, to hold the hook at whatever angle is perfect for the part you’re tying. Instead of a cam lever like our other models, the TRV Vise has a sturdy and elegant knurled brass palm wheel and locking screw to adjust the rotation of the head. Unlike any of our other models, the TRV Vise has an adjustable angled head, for infinite angle adjustments. Instead of using separate jaws like some of our other models, the TRV Vise uses a permanent clip with a tension knob. With its unique features, the TRV Vise is one of the best vises made by HMH Vises.

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