The Apex In-Line Rotary Vise


The Apex Vise is the in-line rotary vise available from Wolff Indiana. This vise comes with an interchangeable c-clamp and pedestal base and replaceable 0-1 jaws made from durable tool steel. The c-clamp and pedestal bases are easily unscrewed for quick and hassle-free swapping. Those jaws are designed to accommodate hook sizes from 7/0 to 32. An extended finger pin with ball-end can be moved to any of four pre-drilled positions on the vise. Overall, the stainless steel, knurled friction knob, and teflon bushings creates an incredibly precise and smooth fly tying feel.

This vise is recommended for novice and expert fisherman and for all kinds of fishing flies, including:

  • Dry Flies
  • Nymph
  • Streamer
  • Many More!

Price w/ Clamp & Base: $178.08

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