Barracuda Fly Tying Vise


The Barracuda Rotary Fly Tying Vise from Dyna-King Inc. is a finely crafted rotary vise offering all of the great features preferred by professional tiers everywhere. This vise includes stainless steel construction, jaws made out of hardened tool steel, smooth rotation with precision ball bearings, easy height adjustment, convenient material clip, notch lock cam, excellent hook holding capability 32 to 8/10 OT, and a light weight bobbin hanger. You can choose from either a heavy duty extra large pedestal base or a large clamp with outrigger at a very competitive price, making the Barracuda Fly Tying Vise an excellent choice! Its masterful design and relatively inexpensive pricing makes it a great place to start tying flies or continue mastering the art. So head over to Dyna King Inc.’s website and checkout the Indexer Rotary Vise today!

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